Podcasts I wish I found sooner

There are plenty of podcasts out there and it’s quite overwhelming when you decide to dig it. Most of the English podcasts I found are hosted by people in America. We don’t see the world from the same gaze based on our location, culture, or life background. So when I’m…

Riad L’Atelier, best traveling experience ever

If you go to Marrakech, you must stay in a Riad. It’s a traditional Moroccan house with an inner courtyard or garden. Some of them have a swimming pool in the middle, and most likely a rooftop. You have less than 10 rooms per riad and it’s located in the…

Double cleansing : your skin will never look so good

I remember the time I used to use face wipes to remove my make up. I never succeeded to have a whole cloth fully clean. Then one day I discovered the double cleansing and my skin never felt so clean and look so good. If you are living in the…

From Traveler to expat: the struggles to move to a new country

  I experienced the Parisian lifestyle 6 months for my final internship and I didn’t want to turn this experience into years. Spending hours to commute, leaving your job late or not be able to save money was definitely not the life I wanted. I always wanted to live abroad. On…

À la découverte d’Ayutthaya

Pour ce premier voyage en Thaïlande, j’avais prévu d’aller à Bangkok. Mais j’avais également envie de voir autre chose.

Premiers pas à Melbourne

Après avoir rédigé un article sur comment venir en Australie, je vais vous expliquer dans celui ci, les premières démarches à faire dès votre arrivée.

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