From Traveler to expat: the struggles to move to a new country

  I experienced the Parisian lifestyle 6 months for my final internship and I didn’t want to turn this experience into years. Spending hours to commute, leaving your job late or not be able to save money was definitely not the life I wanted. I always wanted to live abroad. On Social Media you are seeing those people moving from one country to another so effortless. but this is not reality, no one talks about the struggles and the hard times. Well let me share a few things you need to know if you wish to move to a new country indefinitely. 

You have to be ready for sacrifices

While you will be away, life in your country won’t be on hold. You have to be ready to give up your daily relations with your friends and family. You won’t see some persons as much as you used to if you are on the other side of the word. For sure you will miss some birthdays but on the other hand, you will learn so much about yourself, grow-up and gain confidence.  

Lower your job expectation at the beginning 

Where this can be seen as an opportunity for a new beginning, it can be challenging to find a qualified job straight away. Your degrees might not be appreciated the same way they were in your country. That why it’s very important to be very motivated and determined in this life project. You absolutely need to have a first position in the country to have a reference for the second and better work you will apply for. Don’t be afraid to start as a junior, why not an internship if you have some savings.  

Having the right visa 

This is the most complicated point you need to figure out before even doing anything. Each country proposes different visas: sponsoring visa, skilled visa, student visa, partner visa. It can be overwhelming when you discover the list of documents you need to provide. If you don’t feel able to do it by yourself, don’t let that stop you. Seek the help of professional such as a registered migration agent. According to your situation, they will be the best person to draw a path and tell you your best options. On the other hand, having a migration agent doesn’t assure you to have a visa. You really need to tick all the requirements. Do your own research first. A lot of information can be found from the immigration website of the country you want to move in.  

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